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Hotels in Spain – The various types of accommodation in Spain

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Being one of the world’s most-visited countries, Spain is very rich in diverse sorts of accommodations. From hotel rooms to rural homes, from low budget to top notch luxurious resorts, you can find here every sort of accommodation. The price of which mainly depends on the following factors:

What season you would like to visit Spain?
Which area or city you would like to visit?
What are your expectations of the accommodation?
What you are going to do in Spain?
Can you book your accommodation well in advance or right before travelling?
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Spain Last Minute Travel: Hotels

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Based on your expectations, there are various sorts of accommodations on offer in Spain such as:

Hotels or Pensions: You can find cheap but quality ones in the downtown areas of Spanish cities. Do a good research and check out the opinions of other visitors when browsing, so that you can get an overall picture of the place and the region where the hotel is located.

Hostels and Dormitories: The good thing in both is that they are located downtown or close to bus or train stations. Hostels are cheap but some of them offer rooms for only those who have a student card. Dormitories provide a simple low-cost accommodation without breakfast.

Paradors: These are a specialty of Spain, read more about them in our “Good to know” section.

Private Rooms: There are various sites and agencies, which deal with the renting of private rooms in every big city of Spain. If you want to stay for a longer period, renting a private apartment is not a bad idea, but sometimes they cost as much as a hotel room without extra services.

Home Exchange Programs: There are various sites dealing with exchange. The drawback is that you do not exactly know what to expect and may leave you disappointed. Therefore, do a good research before getting into a home exchange program. This is good though when you want to meet locals.

Rural Homes or Houses: Agricultural tourism is big in Spain, especially for those who want to go off the track and want to explore a closer to nature Spain. The prices are not at all cheap though.

The prices of accommodation in Spain really depend on the city you would like to visit and the season you are travelling. Prices can drop if you can book your trip to Spain well in advance or as a last-minute offer. Learn how the last minute all inclusive holiday can be a real money saver.

Good to know:

Peak tourist season in Spain is between June and August. Hotels in the city centre are more expensive than those outside the city centre. The most expensive city of Spain is definitely Barcelona. If you want to book a citytrip to Barcelona, book your accommodation in advance to find a hotelroom for a reasonable price or do a last-minute booking.

What is a Parador? (Paradores Spain)

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Spain Paradores

Paradors are state-run hotels that you can find in beautiful monasteries and museum castles. This is a great way to travel, especially for cultural tourists. Sometimes Paradors are much cheaper than staying at a regular hotel. Some of the most popular paradors are the Parador of Granada and the Parador of Malaga but Paradors are found all over Spain, especially in the Castellano region of Middle Spain. Check out the official website of Paradors http://www.parador.es/en/ for more information.

Renting private rooms is a very fashionable thing to do, but nowadays, the prices of rooms are not lower than of a mid-rate pension and you do not get any extra services, although it is a nice way to travel if you want to meet locals.

You can find downtown hotels at low prices in all the main cities and beaches of Spain. Beachside hotels at the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa Del Sol are the cheapest when sold in packages.

If you stay at a mid-category downtown hotel or pension, do not expect to get a rich breakfast and many rooms are not air conditioned either.

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