Cheap Winter Sun 🌞 Holiday Destinations! Save Big for 2020

Last Minute Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

The clocks will go back at the weekend; the evenings will suddenly get dark. At first, it all seems so nice and hygge – a good excuse to light the fire and toast some crumpets at tea time. But, as the November mists gather and the chill descends, soon we will be pining for the sun – even just a week of warmth and light, of floating in a tropical lagoon or relaxing under a palm tree, can reset your sense of well-being and set you up for the rest of the winter.

Puerto de Alcudia, Mallorca

Assuming then that a sunshine fix or a week on the beach is your primary reason for travelling, how do you decide where to go? And, perhaps most importantly in these straitened times, which destinations offer the best value and the most sun for your money?

Cheap Holidays – All Inclusive and Exclusive for you

There are no fixed rules, and how much you have to pay will obviously depend on lots of factors, but there is a lot you can do to make your winter break more affordable. Beginning opposite is our shortlist of 12 great holiday destinations where you can enjoy a week of winter sun (and a four-star hotel) for less than £1,000. First, here is our strategy for getting the best holiday at the best possible price.

How hot is hot?

Decision number one: how hot you really want it. Broadly speaking, the further you fly, the hotter it will be and the more you will have to pay. But while some really do like it hot, and are prepared to put up with long flights and jet lag to be sure of tropical temperatures and balmy seas, others might prefer a shorter, easier journey and a less extreme contrast.

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