Last Minute Holiday to Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza is the Pearl of the Mediterranean. The leading island of the Balearic Islands has everything what one can wish for having a perfect last minute holiday. We will not talk about the obvious fame of Ibiza as a party place here, but rather concentrate on the natural beauty of the island and all the great and historical spots, sites and places you should not miss when arriving in Ibiza.

Formentera, a neighbouring small island located very close to Ibiza is a part of Ibiza’s attractions. The island is still rich in forest and has lovely beaches surrounded by rocky coast and pine trees.

Ibiza has two main cities, Ibiza and San Antonio. Ibiza City is a picturesque place to be with its great Historical Town that has several houses which date back to more than 5 centuries! No wonder, the entire old town is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking down on the narrow streets packed with cafés, restaurants and stores to the beautiful old harbour of Ibiza is an experience that no one should miss.

San Antonio is located on the other side of the island also being a lovely Mediterranean port town, receiving a high number of visitors between spring and autumn, still being a much more relaxed town than Ibiza, which can be a madhouse all summer long. If you want to find a getaway, you should concentrate on this area of the island and pay a visit to the small seaside and mountain villages.

Tips and Advice

Do not miss the Wharf Side Festival and the beachfront festivals together with the weekly markets held in Spain traditionally twice a week.

If you are in Ibiza and want a cheap trip, the best way for you is to buy a package tour at one of the below enlisted tour operators that also operate flights here. Although Ibiza has some hostels, the prices are pretty high in the summer.

What makes Ibiza a top last minute holiday travel destination?

Ibiza is world-famous yachting, diving and sailing destination, has quality golf clubs, and has some of the most beautiful beaches paired up with several picturesque villages and the world-heritage downtown and port area of Ibiza City.

How to get to Ibiza:
Air: Ibiza, being a top destination for UK tourists, an extreme number of budget airlines operates cheap UK Ibiza flights such as Thomas Cook, First Choice (cheap charter), TravelMatch (charter), BeatTheBrochure (charter). Ryanair, Jet2 and EasyJet operate the highest number of UK flights.
Boat or Ferry: Most southern port cities operate ferries and boats between Ibiza and the mainland.

Travelling in Ibiza: The Island of Ibiza has a reliable bus transportation system. The island is extremely rich in car rental offices. Check out Holiday Autos for cheap car hire offers in Ibiza. A nice alternative is to try the boats that go from Ibiza to San Antonio and Formentera.

When to visit Ibiza: Ibiza is the nicest to visit from May to October.
Why you should visit Ibiza: Ibiza has the best beaches in Europe and it is a perfect destination for both the holiday travellers and the divers. Due to its rocky outlook, Ibiza is also highly visited by the fans of extreme sports. Ibiza is the best party island in Europe hosting some of the highest ranked parties in the world.

Top Five Places To See in Ibiza:

Eivissa Dalt Vila
Eivissa Dalt Vila is an UNESCO World Heritage site at Ibiza City, and the beautiful old streets overlooking the beautiful sea are more than worth seeing and walking through.
Ibiza Old Town, built in the Middle Age, preserves all its buildings and its original Mediterranean style. Dalt Vila has two main parts: the Upper Part and the Lower Part. You can find here most of the brand stores of Ibiza. Its most beautiful sites include Plaza de Vila, Plaza de Sa Carrosa, Calle de la Virgen. Dalt Vila is just perfect for knowing more about the rich history and traditions of Ibiza.

Ibiza Port
Being close to the Dalt Vila, Ibiza Port is a real must-visit site of this island. Here, you can see the old port of the town, the little boats that still operate from the evening to the morning hours, when they arrive with that day’s catch. Ibiza is the most popular resort of the rich as well, and if you are lucky, you can spot several stars and famous personalities on or off their yachts at the Ibiza Port. Signature hotels of the Port are Hotel El Corso, Hotel Rocamar or the Hotel Ocean Drive. The hippest part of the port has the most expensive bars and restaurants in the area such as Boutique Heaven, Trattoria del Mar or the Cafe Sydney.

La Marina quarter
This picturesque quarter is part of the hilly downtown of Ibiza in the opposite side of Port. No matter you come here day or night, the La Marina quarter is always lively full of the best stores, shops, cafes, restaurants, discos and bars of Ibiza. The best funky hotels of the La Marina quarter are the Hotel Montesol and the Mirador de Valt Vila, up on a higher hill but you will not have problem to find accommodation here: it is packed with small hotels.

Ses Salinas National Park
This is a must-see area of Ibiza – a very well protected natural area, where you can see the nature in its almost fully untouched form. The National Park is on the Southern part of the island where Ibiza is the closest to neighbouring Formentera. Here, the sea is crystal-clear, the flora and fauna will just leave you speechless. There are daily excursions here but you can also rent a car to travel there.

Santa Agnes de Corona
This is a beautiful, picturesque village preserving the traditional architecture of Ibiza. Its church is a must-visit. It is close to San Antonio, the second biggest town on Ibiza. Very near to Santa Agnes de Corona, you should not miss visiting the wine cellars of the wine region Sant Mateu d’Aubarca, which is one of the most beautiful rural regions of Ibiza Island. You can visit Santa Agnes de Corona with an organized excursion or by car.

Top three beaches of Ibiza

Playa d’en Bossa: Being the most beautiful beach resort of Ibiza, this is a must-see beach!
Talamanca – Being very close to Ibiza Town, this is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza with its own Aqualand.
Beach of Figueretas: Being close to Ibiza, this is a very elegant beach packed with hotels.

Other places of attraction:
Culleram Caves
•Santa Agnes region
•Torres d’en Loc archaeological site
•Sant Mateu d’Aubarca

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