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Being the capital city of Andalucía, Seville is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, wearing a thick Moorish effect on its buildings and in its atmosphere. Seville is a great city with some of the most fantastic monuments in the world. From Plaza Espana to the historical centre of Seville and its Moorish Alcazar, the town has so much to offer for tourists. You can spend weeks here to feel the lifestyle of the locals and to be able to see the majority of every beautiful sites and buildings that Seville has to offer.

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What Makes Seville a Great Last Minute Holiday Destination?

Seville is a perfect package holiday destination for all the city travellers throughout the year. The climate here is warm throughout the year, and Seville is also only about 2 hours away from the nearest beach holiday resorts and picturesque Arab-Mediterranean style villages surround it.

Tip: The biggest festival of Seville is the Semana Santa held a week before Easter.

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Being in a very interesting mixed culture world, from one point of view Seville can be meant as a bastion of Christian catholic religion with lots of Christian monuments which date back to the medieval times.

From another point of view, Seville is already like an entrance to the neighbouring Arabic world with Moorish-Muslim buildings, climate and overall atmosphere; Seville is a one-of a kind place, which you just should not miss visiting. The great city is also the official homeland of Spanish-gypsy Flamenco that is considered by many as a dance, yet it is rather a complex way of presentation that has dancing, singing and acting elements.

Once in Seville, it is obligatory to go to a Flamenco show. In addition, Seville is famous for having the richest nightlife in Spain! You have to check it out for yourself.

Budget tips:
• Best Tapas bars in town include Rodilla and Taberna Coloniales in the city centre. They serve great portions for for a good price!
• M.A.S and Dia is the local grocery store which is also the cheapest and has everything what you would wish to buy for food and drinks.
• Do not buy a Seville Card unless you plan a museum and bus marathon in one. They are expensive and not worth their price.

Cheap Flights to Seville from the U.K:

Air: Seville is served by Seville International Airport that lies about half an hour drive away from the city. Upon arrival, you can choose to take the “Especial Aeropuerto”, an Express Bus Service that runs every 30 minutes and a ticket costs around EUR 2.50. Taxi fares are fixed with taxis charging max EUR 18 daytime and EUR 21 during the night. Most of the budget airlines have flights to Seville with EasyJet and Ryanair being the biggest ones, yet they may not have flights all year long. Budget carriers also have flights to neighbouring Jerez de la Frontera considered as a Seville Airport but located a bit further. Ryanair often sells flights to Seville with its flights coming to La Parra International Airport in Jerez instead.

Rail: The railway station of Seville is the Santa Justa located outside the city centre. It also serves for fast trains (AVE) with route to Madrid. If you want to go to Barcelona, you can take a normal train too.
Bus: Seville has two bus stations, each one serving for buses to different directions. Plaza de las Armas is located in the downtown by the river and Prado de San Sebastián is located by the university area of the city. Bus tickets are cheap and bus service is reliable, one-way tickets cost between EUR 10-20 per person.
Car: driving is not suggested inside Seville because of the non-stop traffic and the general lack of parking places; however, affordable car hire companies are all around downtown and at the airport in case you feel like renting a car, to go out of town.

Travelling in Seville:
Seville is a great city to walk around and has a good and cheap system of public transportation that includes bus transportation. Buses go all around and outside the city; they are punctual, convenient, and inside town, a ticket costs around 90ct/person/ride. Refillable bus cards can be bought at the kiosks or in the tourist information offices in the downtown. Seville is currently working hard in order to implement more regular train

transportation into its regime of public transportation. If you want to go around town by bike, you can easily do it. A company called Sevici has bike rental bases at several places in the city; you can get a bike within a couple of minutes. You can buy a weekly pass for around EUR 11.50, which seems to be the best deal. You can also rent scooters, for about EUR 30/day. You will find budget car hire deals in Seville at Holiday Autos.

When to visit Seville: All year long but Seville is the best to visit during spring or autumn.

Why visit Seville: Being the iconic land of Flamenco and the famous story of Carmen, Seville is one of the most romantic and passionate places you will ever see.

Top Places To See:

The Cathedral of Seville with Giralda Tower
This extremely huge cathedral is the third-largest cathedral in the world, being the biggest gothic cathedrals, containing the Archbishop Palace and holds the grave of Christopher Columbus who is the worldwide known explorer. The cathedral is an UNESCO World heritage site, and it is interesting to know that in the 13th century, it was build in place of a Muslim mosque. Building of the cathedral was finished in 1506. You cannot miss visiting this great cathedral located on Plaza Virgen de los Reyes in the very centre of the city.

Plaza de Espana
Seville has the most beautiful square in whole Spain along with Plaza Espana. Designed and built in 1928, the Plaza has a distinctively Moorish feeling to it, wwhich mixes ith Spanish Baroque with a touch of Art Déco. The huge Plaza also contains a web of channels that allows visitors to go around it on a boat and gives reason for its several picturesque bridges. Plaza Espana is located inside the huge city park “Parque de Maria Luisa”.

The Alcazar Complex
This exceptionally beautiful Arabic-Moorish palace wears all the signs of chiselled Arabic-Mudéjar architecture on itself. The Alcazar is an UNESCO World Heritage site and it is one of the most-visited monumental buildings of Seville and Spain. This beautiful castle serves as the perfect photo spot, and it was built in the 14th century, ever since some additions have been built into it. Alcazar is still used as a Residence by the Royal Family. The Alcazar gardens are some of the most beautiful gardens in Spain.

Real Maestranza
If you are in Seville, you have to see its world-famous bullfight arena – the Real Maestranza. Bullfighting season starts from the date of Férias in April. Real Maestranza includes the bullring, which is an operating one and a museum of Torreadors as well. Real Maestranza is also famous for being the oldest bullring of Spain. While you are in Seville, you can also attend a bullfight over here, being one of Spain’s key traditions.

Top Three Things To Do/Places To Relax:
• Enjoy a real Flamenco dance show: This is Seville’s own tradition coming from local gypsies.
• Isla Mágica: Perfect holiday resort and fun place for families, this is the huge theme park of Seville.
• Visit the tapas bars of Cathedral Square: Taste here some of the best tapas and drinks in town.

Other Places of Attraction:
• Ancient Jewish Quarter
• The Plaza de Toros with the bullfighting arena and museum (entrance fee EUR 5)
• Parque Maria Luisa

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