Last Minute Holidays to Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa travel is unlike anything else you are likely to experience in Cyprus! Over the past 30 years, this previously serene fishing village has grown into a thriving tourist hub with some of the most famous nightlife in the Mediterranean. A last minute Ayia Napa holiday will take you to the beautiful southern coast of Cyprus. This resort town is only 8 km from Protaras.

Visiting the area during summer is not an experience that you are likely to forget any time soon, but if you are hoping for quiet beaches and quaint villages this is probably not the area for you!

While the nightclubs draw a crowd of teenagers and young adults, the good facilities, restaurants and activities for kids mean that this area has also recently become popular for families.

The beaches here offer some of the best water sports and diving opportunities in Cyprus, as well as ‘booze cruises’ which offer food; live DJs and games on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Call Stathis on +357 9962 1955 to book a trip aboard the Napa Queen.

Yes, this is the sort of thing that you can expect on the south east coast of the island, but if it all sounds a bit scary to you don’t despair! There are still some quieter places you can retreat to, for example the Marine Life Museum.

You can find this museum at Ayia Napa Town Hall. It is open from Monday to Saturday and houses both modern and ancient marine life exhibits, including a reconstructed dinosaur seabed and fossils of prehistoric fish!

The museum is popular with tourists, and helps to promote the importance of conservation of marine life to its visitors. There is also a very pretty 16th century Venetian monastery nestled among the souvenir shops and modern restaurants.

But these quieter attractions can’t hide from the fact that Ayia Napa travel offers one of the hottest nightlife resorts in Europe!

Inland you will find a range of activities to get your adrenaline going, like bungee jumping into the stunning blue Mediterranean Sea or riding the ‘Sky Coaster’, an attraction from Colorado that’s kind of like a giant swing!

Flyers swing at around 100 feet in the air and can reach speeds up 80 miles an hour. The experience feels a lot like hang-gliding. There is also the ‘Sling Shot’, a ride that drops you face first into the ground at lightning speed from terrifying heights!

Sightseeing in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Monastery

Ayia Napa Monastery
In Ayia Napa square the 16th Century monastery is a famous spot for the guests and this gives a different view from the rest of the environment near which is full of pubs, restaurants and discos.

The entrance to the monastery is beside an old fig tree, which leads you to an octagonal central fountain, and the ‘Well of Panayia’. As legend goes, the Virgin Mary appeared to the people who were sheltering here, dehydrated from the sun and showed them a drinking spring which saved their lives.

THALASSA Museum Ayia Napa

Thalassa – The Municipal Museum of the Sea
This museum aims to promote and preserve the marine life of the island, from prehistoric times to present day. In the centre of the resort, the museum displays marine artefacts and runs educational programmes. The artefacts on display include ceramics, engravings, sculptures along with some seascape paintings by Cypriot and Greek artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Makronissos Ayia Napa Ancient Roman Tomb Cyprus

Makronissos Tombs
One of the areas most interesting discoveries, this ancient burial site can be found just west of the village in the Makronissos area.

The Farmhouse
Gives a great insight into the Cypriot peasant farmer’s simple lifestyle and his relationship with the land.

The Ayia Napa Festival
Every September, this festival is held and takes place in Seferis Square at the monastery. The festival shows the history, culture and various traditions of Cyprus, and includes concerts, drama performances, operas and traditional Cypriot folk dancing.

Ayia Napa Beaches

Ayia Napa beaches are some of the most popular in Cyprus, due to their smooth sand, clear water and lively atmosphere. This is a party town and attracts a party crowd to its shores. In recent years it has also attracted a lot of families.

Ayia Napa beaches are a lot of fun, very beautiful and are great for Cyprus water sports like paragliding! Glass bottom boats are also widely available in these region, as are sea scooters.

Sea scooter companies allow people with no diving experience to experience the underwater world safely with a bubble-style helmet. I’ve tried it, and it is fun and not too scary even for someone like me who has a slight sea phobia!

But if you are looking for quiet, unspoilt beaches there are very few in the area, especially during peak tourist season.

Blue flag beaches in or near Ayia Napa include: Pantachou Beach, Nissi Beach, Louma, Konnos Bay, Makronissos, Vathia Gonia Beach, Ayia Thekla, Kermia, Ammos Tou Kambouri

Nissi Beach

This is one of my favourite beaches in Ayia Napa, it is very touristy and always has lots of things going on. It is definitely a place to see and be seen!

There are good facilities, and if you are hungry there is a stand which serves some of the best Panini sandwiches on the island! Try one of their Halloumi (goat’s cheese) and Lounza (ham) paninis which are to die for!

Cape Grekos

Cape Greko is one of the best beaches on the island and arguably one of the most picturesque. It’s definitely my favourite Ayia Napa beach! It is located in between Ayia Napa and Protaras, and rarely gets crowded despite its beauty, because you need a car to get there. If you go out on a boat, the view of the cliffs from the sea here is absolutely stunning!

Watersports including snorkelling and diving are available and because there are so few people, it is easy to spot fish who come very close to shore. Don’t be scared if the fish get close, which they probably will. They are friendly, and will even suck mosquito bites to clean them.

There are not that many facilities at the beach but there is a small cafe up the cliff which serve great milkshakes. If you come here at the weekend, you will often see Cypriot families enjoying a traditional barbeque!

Makronisos Beach

Another of my favourites in the area, this is not quite as crowded as Nissi Beach and it is not windy as it sheltered by other beaches. Makronisos is to the west of Ayia Napa, and nearby you can explore excavated ancient Roman and Hellenic tombs.

Ayia Napa Nightlife – Clubs and Bars

Below is our guide to the best of Ayia Napa nightlife, which is the best area to club in Cyprus.

A wide range of bars are also here. You will find places to suit all music taste in Ayia Napa clubs and bars.

For opening times and other information please see Cyprus Nightlife

Black & White Club

Black & White Club is without a doubt my favourite of all Ayia Napa clubs and is definitely the place to be seen! Well-known DJ’s often perform here and the club features a mixture of the latest and old school hip hop, r’n’b and garage.

It’s not the biggest club and always gets rammed so it is a good idea to get there early even though there is a large-ish outdoor space at the back. Black & White is one of the only clubs on the island to stay open all year, and as a landmark club it always has a great vibe.

Castle Club

You can’t miss this club as is literally shaped like a castle! This is another of my favourites as it always has a good crowd, and with four rooms playing everything from r’n’b to house and cheese there is something for everybody. Castle Club has 14 bars and the largest outdoor area of any club in Cyprus.

River Reggae

This is a chilled out after-club located about a 10 minute walk away from the main square and main Ayia Napa clubs. Their promoters will give you flyers with maps and there is usually a laser which you follow to reach it.

It looks like a bit of a shack from the outside (it is actually also holiday apartments, although I’ve never stayed here) but wait till you see the inside!

When I first set eyes on this open-air lagoon with its snaking pool, bridges and the sounds of Bob Marley in the background I was blown away.

I can honestly say I have spent some the best nights ever here, chilling at one of the bars under a star-filled sky and watching the sun rise. A must do when it comes to Ayia Napa nightlife – not to be missed!


If you love the sounds of the 70’s and 80’s, you will love Carwash! It is a complete cheese-fest and all you disco divas out there will feel at home with the grooves of Madonna, the Bee-Gees, Abba and Grease!

Club Ice

A gorgeous looking club shaped and styled like a giant iceberg! I don’t know if it is my overactive imagination but it always feels cold and icy in here to me too! It’s a popular club that has been host to many top DJ’s and high-profile events.

I recommend their foam parties but I didn’t really enjoy the popcorn party I went to here. For those who have never experienced a popcorn party, every so often a siren will go off and machines spray popcorn all over the crowd.

The problem is, it never seems to into your mouth, rather down your top and hours later you will still be picking bits out of your hair! But it’s still a lot of fun and a great club, with a preference for house music.

Starsky and Hutch

One of the most famous of all Ayia Napa clubs, this place is often known just as “Starsky’s” and plays 70’s funk.

Rock Heaven Garden

A place that adds something a little bit different to the Ayia Napa nightlife scene, here you will find the best of rock and heavy metal. I haven’t spent much time here as the music isn’t really me, but I can tell you that every rock-chick I know loves this place!

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