Last Minute Holidays to Malaga, Spain

Last Minute Holidays to Malaga

Malaga lies on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain and is around 130 km from the northern tip of Africa. The city covers an area of 395 sq km. Malaga has a population of approximately 570,000. The history of this city goes back two thousand eight hundred years. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century. Over the centuries, the city has been ruled by the Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims, and finally the Christians.

Malaga is a thriving city with a strong economy fed by tourism and the technology sectors. It attracts around 6 million tourists every year.

The city is known for its warm summers and mild winters. The average high temperature for the year in Malaga is 23 ยฐC. The pleasant climate of the city attracts European expats to the city.

If you plan on arriving here by air, then you will disembark at the Mรกlaga Costa Del Sol Airport which is one of the oldest airports in Spain. The airport connects Malaga to twenty cities in Spain and many other cities all over Europe. The Malaga airport is the third-largest in Spain.

The cityโ€™s port has been operating since 600 B.C. Cruise ships, yachts, and tankers are handled by the port. There is a regular ferry service between Malaga and Melilla, the Spanish exclave in Morocco, North Africa.

Madrid is a three-hour journey by train from this city. You can also enter the city by road.

Last Minute Holiday to Malaga – Things to Do

There is so much history on display in Malaga that the center of the city has come to be regarded as an open air museum.

Mount Gibralfaro, which rises 130 meters above sea level, has on its summit a Moorish castle that goes back seven hundred years. The Alcazaba, a citadel built during the 11th century, is located close by. A climb to the top of the citadel affords a fine view of the city. At the base of the citadel lie the ruins of a Roman theater that is almost two thousand years old.

There are many museums in this city that are repositories of artifacts from the cityโ€™s glorious past. Two of the museums that attract visitors in hordes include the Museum of Wine and the City Museum.

Lovers of food, drink, and parties are in for a gala-time in this city. The chiringuitos, restaurants that line the beaches, offer excellent seafood. Freshly caught mullet, lobsters, squid, hake, and anchovies are served. These are prepared in a number of ways. The generous use of almonds and honey in the pastries served in Malaga hark back to its Moorish past. Malaga also lends its name to a sweet fortified wine made with Muscatel grapes.

The residents of Malaga speak Spanish and the city offers one a great opportunity to learn the language in pleasant settings.

Malaga has been home to many noted personalities; perhaps the most famous of all celebrities to call the city home was the painter Pablo Picasso.

Malaga is a good place for rock climbing with many natural rock outcrops offering challenges with varying levels of difficulty.

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