Last Minute Holidays to Menorca, Balearic Islands


Although Menorca (or Minorca) is lesser known than its “big brothers” Ibiza and Majorca, it has always been popular as an elite holiday and yachting resort for the wealthy of the world. These past years, Menorca has become accessible for a wider range of tourists, who can travel and low budget last minute holidays there. UK tour operators offering several sorts of discount packages for Menorca holidays and the island is indeed worth visiting. Menorca has an established fame for its great beaches and picturesque sites and villages.

What makes Menorca a great last minute holiday destination?

Menorca is a charming island which provides relaxing sites for a beach holiday with a couple of great attractions to visit. Menorca is perfect for divers as well.

Important cities of Menorca include:

Mahón: Capital of the Island, Mahón is where everyone arrives by airplane. The city has a great harbour, which is world famous for being the second largest natural harbour in the world. The harbour of Mahón is also the most important attraction of the city. Its hilly Georgian style Old Town is also well worth visiting. The main tourist areas are located around Mahón.
Fornells: This fishing village is among the main touristic spots of Menorca and it is very popular for its local fish specialties.
Ciutadella: Former capital of Minorca, this is the second largest city of Menorca, with a nice port and old town districts worth visiting.
Alaior: The centre of leather crafting, this village is famous for its great shoe-shops and bazaars where you can get cheap but quality shoes. Alaior is also the place to buy local cheese.
Es Mercadal: This town is most popular of being in the very centre of Menorca, a charming Mediterranean city.

Budget tip: Cheap flights make you save most of your money for your holiday. If you are adventurous, you can also try the ferry to Menorca going out from the Southern cities of Spain.

Cheap Flights to Menorca: To get cheap deals, you should check out the packages of UK Tour operators that operate charters to the island from May to September to Menorca airport (also called Mahon Airport). These include Thomas Cook, TUI, and Thomson as the biggest UK tour operators. Budget carriers such as Ryanair or EasyJet operate cheap flights to Menorca all-year long. For backpackers and those who look for adventure, we can offer to take one of the ferries that go to Menorca from the mainland, departing from either Cádiz or Malaga.

Travelling in Menorca: If you do not like to stay in one place, you can rent a car to explore the island. Easy and cheap car hire with pick up and drop off car service at Mahon Airport? Check out the offers at Holiday Autos! Using taxis to get to nearby places is a very normal form of transportation here. If you would like to hire a car, do it in advance to save lots of money and most importantly to get a car, which is not easy in the main season. Mahón also has buses going to every city on the island. These depart every hour and very cheap with a trip costing averagely around EUR 5 from Mahón to Ciutadella.

When to visit Menorca: The Island is the best to visit from April to October

Why visit Menorca: Menorca is the best place for enjoying a relaxed beach holiday.

Top Five Places To See In Menorca:


This picturesque town is one of the main towns of Menorca. Its picturesque port is one of the main sites to visit. The Old Quartier of Ciutadella, which is the historical quarter of the city, is one of the most beautiful with historical old houses, taking you back in time, with a classic flavour of Mediterranean athmosphere and architecture. Ciutadella has several palaces looking to the sea, dating back to the 17th and 18th century, when only the wealthy rich Spanish noble families visited the island. The most beautiful examples include Palacio Del Conde de Torresaura, which can be visited once a week, while Palacio Olivar is still residence to a wealthy family from the inland, living here for most of the year. The Gothic Cathedral of Ciutadella is also a must-see for everyone who has interest in the cultural treasures of the island.


Being the highest town in Menorca, this little yet beautiful Mediterranean style village is one of the most-visited sites of Menorca. You can buy several handicrafts from here and taste some of Menorca’s specialty foods and wines. If you like seafood, taste Menorca’s specialty – the lobster bouillabaisse. There are daily tourists coming to Ferreries. If you rent a car, it takes just a short time to get here. When you are in Ferreries, you must visit the beautiful Gothic style Church of Sant Bartomeu, built in 1870 being the oldest building of Ferreries. Do not miss visiting the Moorish Castle and see the remains of the Roman Road.

Bibibéquer Vell

Situated on the Saint Luis Coast close to Cala Galdana, Bibibéquer Vell is one of Menorca’s best resorts and most-visited holiday resorts. Most tourists, who look for the best hotels and beaches in Menorca, come here to enjoy their holidays. The city is also full of children entertainment programs. The nightlife is also buzzing over here; you should not miss to visit Cova den Xoroi, which is a nightclub that used to be a cave!

Es Castell

Named after Sant Felipe Castle, Es Castell lies on the Eastern side of Menorca. This is one of the most remarkable towns of Menorca with a great old town with lots of historical sites and buildings to see. These include the Town Hall, the Military Museum, and the Iglesia Del Roser. Visit the marvellous Castle of Saint Felipe with the Marlborough Forth that stand outside the city, giving one of the most beautiful views to the sea. Do not leave Es Castell without visiting its natural wonder, the cove of Cala Sant Esteve.


Close to Ferreries, up on the Northern shore of Menorca, you will find the small fishing village of Fornells, which today is visited by the fans of water sports and all those who love the relaxed area of this village. Fornells is famous all around Menorca for its great fish food specialties, which you must taste once you are there! Try one of the most popular specialties of Fornells, called “Caldereta de Langosta”. Close to Fornells, you can see the Castle of Sant Antonio.

Top Three Beaches in Menorca:

Cala Galdana beach – This beach is irresistible with its white sandy beach surrounded by a great holiday resort town.
Bibibéqer Vell: This is one of the best regions of Menorca with its spectacular beaches, namely Biniparratx, Binisafúa, Cala Torret and Binidalí.
Cala en Porter Beach is among the most popular beaches and beach resort of Southern Menorca.

Other Places of attraction:
– Mahon, Torre d’en Gaumés
– Basilica Son Bou, Fornells
– Monte Toro

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