Last Minute Holidays to Mijas, Costa del Sol


The municipality of Mijas comprises the traditional whitewashed village of Mijas Pueblo situated on the foothills of the Cordon Montanoso de Litoral range, down through the more residential area of Las Lagunas to the sea at La-Cala-de-Mijas.

Last Minute Holidays to Mijas, Costa del Sol

The pueblo itself is situated only 30km from Malaga airport and is accessible by car and bus. It is one of the typical whitewashed Andalucian villages with red terracotta roof tiles making it extremely picturesque. The village itself still keeps the tranquility of the past with a charming network of narrow streets and alleyways, and with no through road, the best and only way to navigate around the lanes is by donkey taxi. These are available ‘for hire’ daily from 10.00am.

From the 1960s onward, many nationalities have made Mijas Pueblo their home, so enriching the local culture and ultimately giving quite a cosmopolitan feel to the place, with bars and restaurants catering for all tastes, it’s surprising what you can find up here!!

The village of Mijas Pueblo has many diverse surprises from the mineral water spa as you enter town, to the Hermitage which is visible from most of Mijas. The Hermitage El Puerto was built in 1520 by Mercedonian monks and, according to legend it is where two shepherds saw a vision of the Virgin de la Pena (The Virgin of the Rock). Today it stands as a fantastic lookout point over the Mijas valley and surrounding golf courses.

There is a shrine to the Virgin de la Pena which holds an image of the patroness of Mijas which is now set in the rock by the El Compas vantage point.

There are many picturesque churches and plazas within Mijas which can be found by just strolling around the village itself.

Whether you agree with the sport or not, the bullring or Plaza de Torros and neighbouring museum are worth a visit as the bullring is curiously oval! It was built in 1900 and is open daily from 10.00am for guided tours.

Located in Plaza de la Libertad is the historical museum which gives an insight on how rural life has been lived up here for hundreds of years showing off many of the trades and traditions of Mijas. The upper floors now hold an exhibition centre for local crafts. It is open daily from 10.00am but does close for siesta.

Another curious museum is Carromato de Max (Max’s Caravan), which is housed in an old train carriage and houses an exhibition of miniatures and quite an intriguing find!! This is open daily all day from 10.00am.

There are many Feria days in Mijas specifically The Feria de San Anton in January which is celebrated with street parties throughout the town and the Mijas annual fair in early September, which is the feast of the Virgin de la Pena paying homage to the patron saint.

Other useful information:

Hotels in Mijas
Tourist Office: Located in Plaza de la Pena 952 589 034

Taxis: 952 476 593

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