Last Minute Holidays to Valencia, Spain

last minute holidays to valencia

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain; it is an old city whose origins date back to 138 BC when it was established as a Roman colony. Valencia lies on the banks of the river Turia which meets the Mediterranean Sea near the city. Valencia’s port is one of the largest in Europe.

Valencia has an area of 134.65 sq km and a population of 810,000. The city is known for its cultural richness. Its historic city center covers 169 acres and is full of monuments to the country’s glorious past.

Valencia experiences hot summers and mild winters; the average temperature for the year is 22.3 °C.

The city is served by Valencia Airport. It handles traffic from all major cities in Spain. Barcelona is to the north of Valencia and is a four hour journey by road. Madrid lies to the west and can be reached in around three hours by road journey. Trains are also a good way to enter the city from other cities. Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca are connected to Valencia by ferry services.

Last Minute Holidays to Valencia – Things to Do

As with so many of the other great cities in Spain Valencia is best explored on foot. It is also a very bicycle-friendly city with many lanes where you can cycle at leisure and take in the sights.

Spain’s iconic dish, the paella originated in Valencia. And a visit to the city is not complete till you have tasted this city’s version of the paella. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language here. Make the most of your stay in Valencia by taking classes to learn the language.

The city has a strong tradition of education; the University of Valencia was founded way back in 1499 and is regarded as one of the best universities in Spain.

Apart from its contribution to the world of gastronomy; Valencia is also known for The Falles. This is a celebration in honor of St James. It is four-day extravaganza in the month of March. It is noted for the elaborate tableaus that go on display and also creative use of fireworks.

The City of Arts and Sciences is a huge complex that beckons visitors with its planetariums and landscaped walks.

Valencia is a city of historic buildings, squares, plazas, gardens, and museums. The Barrio del Carmen in the old section of the city is ideal for walks and taking in the city’s atmosphere in a leisurely manner.

Some of the buildings here date back to the thirteenth century and if you wish to enjoy the sight of architectural landmarks in the city, then come to this part of the town.

The historic Silk Exchange building is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site; it was constructed more than 500 years ago in Valencian Gothic style.

The Mercado Central or the public market of the city is one of the oldest in Europe and a great place to get the feel of Valencia.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the largest public square in the city. The surroundings are worth exploring. The City Hall building and the central post office are located here.

The L’Oceanogràfic holds the distinction of being the largest aquarium or Marine Park in Europe.

The town of Bunol lies 38 kilometers to the west of Valencia, it famous for La Tomatina. The event held every August is a free for all in which people indulge in fun tomato fights hurling the vegetable at one another. It is a celebration like no other in the world.

Hot springs and clean beaches are located in the vicinity of Valencia. The hot springs are particularly noted for being located in an area of striking natural beauty.

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