The Concise Guide to Activities on a Spain Holiday

Spain holidays

Activities – What to do during your Holiday in Spain

Being the second largest country in Europe, Spain is so colourful and ensures that you just never get bored over here. Spain is a diverse country that offers a wide range of activities to its visitors. You can go for a walking tour in cities like Barcelona and Seville, you can eat free tapas at a Granada bar, visit a traditional Flamenco dance show, visit one of the numerous festivals like the “Tomatina Festival” and the “Fallas” or you can go and ride the banana boat in any of the numerous beach destinations. A single holiday to Spain can only offer you an appetizer of all the enjoyment to be had here.

Golf Tours in Spain

Spain has always remained a favourite with golf players with the coastline offering some of the best golf courses. A golf tour in Spain is always blessed with the best weather. The most famous golf resort of Europe, the “La Manga” is located in Spain. Costa Brava is another popular location for Spanish golf tours. The “Girona” region also offers some of the best courses of Europe. And of course, Costa del Sol is the leader in terms of Spanish golf tours.

Surfing Destinations in Spain

The lengthy coastline of the country offers some of the best surfing activities in Europe. There are several companies, which specialize in organizing surfing camps, surf holidays, “surfaris” and custom surfing tours of Spain. You can discover some of the most hidden sides of the country by going on surfing tours. Surfing is very much popular in northern Spain, especially in the village “Mundaka”.

Art and Museums

Spain, being extremely rich when it comes to cultural heritage, is packed with the museums that are most worthy visiting. The three most important and highest visited museums of Spain are:
–              Prado in Madrid.
–              The Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres Costa Brava.
–              The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Spain is the homecountry of two of the best known artists in the world – Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. A visit to the art museums in Madrid is a must for experiencing the culture of Spain. The works of both the artists are on display at the “Centro de Arte Reina Sofia”, the best art museum in Madrid. There is also the “Museo del Prado” which stocks art works from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. The “Museo Thyssen Bornemisza” is the last of the art museums and completes the art triangle of Spain.

Diving Destinations in Spain

Spain offers diving to both inexperienced and experienced divers. It is a fun country for divers because it combines the aspects of adventure very well with the sport. It is possible to dive throughout the year and the warm climate of Southern Spain offers a memorable experience. There are also more English speaking people there than at any other parts of the country. The Canaries Islands is the best place for diving and the best season is from May to September.

Cultural activities, tours and the most suggested sites to see in Spain

Spain has some of the richest cultures in Europe in every way. Therefore, there are many themed tours for those people who are interested in cultural and culinary aspects of Spain.

Themed Tours:
•             Culinary Tours: No matter which region you go to, Spain is exceptionally rich in culinary diversity. Each region and city has its own way of cooking and these great culinary tours help you to explore more of a region’s cuisine. Smaller type of culinary tour is the Tapas-Tour, run in every bigger Spanish city.
•             Wine-tours: Spain is among the largest exporters of wine, the founder of Sherry and has some of the best wines in the world in its regions. Explore the diversity of Spanish wines and their regions during a wine tour.
•             Religious Tours: As one of the main centres of Catholic religion, Spain is full of the most beautiful Christian and pilgrimage sites, among which the most famous is definitely the pilgrimage to Santiago De La Compostela, one of the most important centres of Christian Catholic religion in Spain.
•             Castle Tours: Have you ever wanted to see the most pompous castles in the world? Then try one of these round trips in Spain. Castle Tours include the visiting of Belmonte, Alacron, and the picturesque castles of Navarra.

Best city breaks in Spain

Spain has some of the most beautiful and colourful cities in the world, visited by millions from all around the world. The three most popular cities on the list are:
•             Barcelona
•             Madrid
•             Seville

Top sites to visit in Spain:  No country is so full of beautiful sites as Spain. It is definitely very hard to choose, when it comes to setting up an order. However, here are three ranked to the most beautiful sites of Spain.
•             The Moorish Castle Complex of Alhambra in Granada
•             The Ancient quarter of Toledo in Madrid
•             La Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona

The most important festivals in Spain

 Spanish people do love fiestas. Each village, city and region has its own sorts of fiestas; all of these are worth seeing. Hereby we include some of the best fiestas in Spain with their respective dates:
•             San Fermín Fiesta: Running with the Bulls – Pamplona, Basque land
Notorious for its dangerous nature, this festival is extremely popular both in circles of locals and for all the millions of tourists who arrive here to witness this very extreme fiesta.
Date:  6 -14 July
•             Las Fallas Festival – Valencia
This is one of the most extraordinary fiestas of Spain with an extreme portion of fire and fireworks, which you will see during this great festival in Valencia.
Date:  15-19 March
•             La Tomatina Festival –Bunol in Valencia
This is probably the “dirtiest” festivals in the world where people enjoy throwing tomatoes at each other until the whole place of festival ends up looking like a huge red mess.
Date:  The last Wednesday of August
•             Semana Santa in Seville, Malaga in Andalucia
This is a great celebration of Easter in Andalucia, which you should not miss.
Date: The week of Easter Sunday
•             The big carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
This is the second biggest carnival in the world after the Rio Carnival and is a must-see. This carnival goes on for 27 days!

         Types of sports activities and their best sites in Spain:
Best Beaches: Spain is all about culture and beaches. Therefore, it is extremely hard to rank all of its marvellous beaches, yet the enlisted three seem to rank among the top three:
•             San Sebastian – Cantabra (Costa del Sol)
•             Levante Beach – Benidorm (Costa del Sol)
•             Magaluf Beach – Majorca

Ski Resorts: Although it is not popular, Spain has some great ski resorts, among which the best ones are in: Ourense, Asturias, Leon, Cantabria, La Rioja, Granada and Segovia.

Best beaches for water sports:  Although most of Spain’s coastline is perfect for water sports, there are some sites, which are especially suitable for some sorts of water sports. Let us enlist some of them.

•             Windsurfing: Tarifa and Medina in South Spain, Fuerteventura and Tenerife of Canary Islands
•             Scuba diving: Medes Island at Costa Brava, Costa Tropical and the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca etc)

Best golf resorts:  Golf is getting big in Spain, especially on the coast of Costa del Sol, where you will find the best quality golf clubs in Spain. The best courses are in Marbella and Valencia. The most prestigious golf courses include:
•             El Saler
•             El Escorpion
•             La Manga Club

         Leisure activities: Spain is full of the best leisure activities
For families that arrive in Spain for some leisure and family activities, it may be important to know about the best places to visit:

Best Theme Parks
•             Universal PortAventura in Salou
•             WarnerBros Movie World in Madrid
•             Terra Mitica in Benidorm

Best Water Parks
•             Aqualand in Magaluf , Majorca
•             Siam Park in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
•             Aqualandia Water Park in Benidorm, Costa Blanca

Other things you can do:

  • Learn Spanish
  • Go on a fishing trip
  • Watch a bullfight
  • Run with the bulls at Pamplona
  • See a flamenco dance show
  • Experience the Fallas Festival
  • Take part in the Tomatina Festival
  • Go for skiing at the Sierra Nevada

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