The Quick Guide to Eating Out in Alicante


There are many restaurants in Alicante offering variety in cuisine. Paella, of course, is the favourite with locals and holidayers too make it a point to sample this Spanish delicacy. If you plan on ordering paella, allow an extra half hour before your meal arrives, or call ahead and they’ll start it while you’re driving over.

To save some money and still eat in the best places, look out for the menu boards placed outside of each restaurant that advertise the “menu del día”, a selection of 2 – 3 course meal which includes a drink of your choice, dessert and sometimes coffee for very reasonable prices. Consider this a pro tip to save even more on your last minute Alicante holidays.

They are usually available only during lunchtime. Excellent value! In Spain, service is a part of the bill you will receive. But, you’re expected to tip. It’s a cultural thing. The tip is between 5% and 10% of the amount you will pay.

When thinking of the Alicante cuisine, it always brings two things in mind: freshness and quality. Closely linked to the Mediterranean, the local cuisine adds its own original stamp by favouring creative rice and fish combinations, that form the base of many meals. Add the local fresh ingredients, the seafood captured every day, the huge variety of fruits and vegetables grown with traditional irrigation methods and you will get the complete image of this amazing cuisine.

A word you will hear very often in Alicante is “tapas”, actually the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Alicante and Spain.

Rice-based dishes reign supreme, available in many tasty recipes, especially in combination with fish. The best-known rice dish among tourists is of course, paella, a mix of rice, saffron, and olive oil, garnished with vegetables, seafood or meat and cooked in a shallow flat pan.

Try also the rice a la alicantina, a lovely combination of rice and chicken, with shellfish and seasoned with a touch of red pepper and the arroz a banda (rice in fish broth).

For dessert there’s still something tasty to discover. It’s time for the turron (nougat), the dessert that made Alicante cuisine famous. Usually eaten around Christmas, turron a delight at any season. Try both the soft turron called Jijona and the hard one called Alicante, and don’t miss the turrón a la piedra, crammed with almonds and flavored with lemon rind and cinnamon.

Make sure you ask for the chef’s recommendation for one of the wines that complete the delicious meal. Taste the whites from La Marina district, or the red from Vinalopo. Don’t forget the Sangria, a wine punch seasoned with chopped fruit, honey, brandy or triple sec in small quantity and gaseosa (soda). Enjoy!

Alicante Restaurant Guide

Navas 34
One of the best Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant in the heart of Alicante City, just minutes walk from the Principal Theatre or the famous Ramblas. You can taste some of the best Spanish Tapas in a relaxing environment.
• Location: c/Navas 34. Alicante, 03001
• Phone: 610917879
• Int: (+34) 610917879
• Email: barnavas34@alicante-city-insiders-guide.com

Alicante’s best known fish and paella restaurant recently moved to the end of the new port to a new, modern building more stylish than the previous one. Elegant surroundings, fantastic views of the city, dining next to the harbour and the excellent cuisine will definitely make your evening a special one.

The Darsena boasts the best rices of the whole of Alicante restaurant guide, offers over 150 different varieties and is very popular with visitors and locals alike.

• Location: Marina Complex – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 5207589 – 96 5143745
• Int: (+34) 96 5207399
• Email: restaurante@darsena.com

Nou Manolin
The restaurant was established in 1972 and is very well favoured amongst locals for its selection of 50 tapas which is served on a daily basis. The menu focuses mainly on a selection of paellas, but includes many great dishes and a wide selection of Iberian wines.

• Location: Villegas 3 – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 5200368
• Fax: 96 5217007
• Email: administracion@noumanolin.com

El Jumillano
It offers a cornucopia of succulent food, many menu items are derived from locally inspired recipes.

• Location: César Elguezábal 64 – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 521 2964

El Buen Comer
Typically Spanish restaurant and tapas bar which is very popular with the locals. Located in a little street at the back of the Town Hall you can sample special evening menus offering good choice of steak, pork or lamb dishes, or try the hake, calamari, or the tasty prawns – all at very reasonable prices.

• Location: Calle Mayor 8 – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 521 3541

El Monastrell
This lovely restaurant offers a culinary experience in a trendy atmosphere, combining the best local traditional ingredients with a modern approach to cuisine.

• Location: Calle de San Fernando 10 – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 520 0363

Small and tastefully decorated, the Azahar (which is the Spanish word for orange blossom) offers traditional Alicantino dishes from the coast and from the mountains

• Location: Alberola 57 – Alicante City
• Phone: 96 512 1348

Alicante International Restaurants

There is an extensive international cuisine available from around the world in the many good restaurants in Alicante City. Moroccan, Turkish, French, Argentinian and Italian restaurants are some of the main choices available. These places are sure to work out your dilemma of what and where to eat in Alicante.

One of the favorite cuisines today is the Asian cuisine and Alicante doesn’t miss out on serving the visitors with it. There are a number of Asian restaurants serving cuisines from countries like India, Japan, Korea and China among others.

New Delhi
• Indian Restaurant
• Location: c/ Teniente Robles, 3 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 96 965 63 19 76

Sushi Sakura
• Japanese restaurant
• Location: Paseo del Puerto, s/n – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 96 5209280

La cuchara de madera
• Ecuadorian restaurant
• Location: c/ Capitán Segarra, 2 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 965 21 50 87

Kebab Mediterraneo
• Turkish restaurant
• Location: Avenida de la Estación 27 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 96 592 22 80

Auberge de France
• French restaurant
• Location: Vial de la Flora de España 32 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 96 526 06 02

La Tranquera
• Argentinian restaurant
• Location: Avenida de la Albufereta 98 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 96 515 71 57

• Mexican restaurant
• Location: Bailén, 3 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 965 203 856

• Arabic restaurant
• Location: c/ Gravina, 15 – Alicante City Centre
• Phone: 965 21 37 63

Alicante Fast Food

Alicante fast food restaurants can be found in the city centre. If you fancy a quick burguer or pizza snack (or your kids are after the toy offered with the meal), there are various restaurants to choose from. The good news is that many fast food restaurants are adding healthier menu options.

It is now possible to eat a fairly nutritious meal on the go. There’s something about a nice cheesy slice of pepperoni pizza or a bacon cheeseburger. …it seems we just can’t get enough!

Mc Donald’s
• Location: Explanada de España

Kentucky Fried Chicken
• Location: Rambla Mendez Nuñez 16

Burger King
• Location: Avenida de Salamanca 4
• Location: Avenida de Denia 4

Pizza Hut
• Location: Alemania 25
• Location: Avenida de Denia 4

Bars in Alicante

It is not easy to choose one from the Alicante Bars with so many inviting watering holes, and this is why bar-hopping is such a fun thing to do in Alicante. More than sun, sand, sea and sightseeing, many people spend their holidays in Spain for its carefree booming nightlife. And when it comes to Alicante bars, well, touring them every night along with the clubs, lots of English pubs, cervecerias (beer cellars) and taverns with live entertainment, it’s a normal occupation, especially knowing that you’re absolutely free to sleep late next day.

The best place to go for a night out is in El Barrio, the old centre of Alicante. You will find here a Babel Tower of styles, decorations and personalities, as well as all kinds of live music, from traditional flamenco and salsa, to jazz, pop and rock.

The modern Alicante Bars are found around the Explanada – an elegant selection of pubs, clubs and dance salons. And you have always the beach bars of San Juan, to attend the most colourful beach parties in Spain, with music, dance and great entertainment! It is very difficult to recommend just a few bars in Alicante, but you can consider them as a “thematic” starting points for your holiday nights out!

For a beer and good football matches to watch on TV, go for the very popular Austin Bar, in the city centre. A great atmosphere and a good place to mingle with the locals you will find at Bar Bordabelli, where you’ll drink your wine just outside on the cobbled street! It is worth paying a visit to Celestial Copas in El Barrio, at least for the original decoration combining religious art and modern designs.

Relax with a “tapa”, a glass of good wine in the jazzy atmosphere of a balmy summer evening at Desden Café Bar in the city centre. When you’ll order your cidrus at La Sidreria Escondida in Plaza San Cristobal, you’ll get it poured from a great height – drink it to the bottom, and start again!

Wow, Guiness on draught! Where? At the popular Little Duke, on Avenida del Dr. Garcia. And yet another version of English Pub (there’re plenty in Alicante) at The Red Lion in El Barrio. Take your beloved one and enjoy a glorious sunset at Café Bar Noray, listening to the classical music, in cooling sea breeze near the Marina.

While night tripping between the Alicante bars, pubs and cafes, you can enjoy the Trensnochador, a night train running along the coast to enable you to fully discover the Alicante nightlife.

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