The Quick Guide to Japanese Restaurants in Cyprus

Japanese Restaurants in Cyprus

Best Cyprus Japanese restaurants

As a big fan of Japanese food, I love that there are so many Cyprus Japanese restaurants, and teppanyaki and sushi bars around the island!

Teppanyaki restaurants are where the chef will cook the food in front of you on the table, and will often perform a show also. It is great fun for couples, groups and families alike and highly recommended if you are celebrating an occasion like a birthday while you are in Cyprus! Take a look at our easy guide to eating out in Cyprus to learn about the exciting dining possibilities on this island.

Understanding a Sushi Menu

If you are new to sushi, the amount of styles available on menus can be overwhelming and confusing. We want you to enjoy your time eating in Cyprus Japanese restaurants so we have made you a very basic guide below to western-style sushi. Chefs can vary some styles with spicy sauces and in some places wasabi sauce is already added. Be sure to put some soy sauce and wasabi sauce on your sushi for maximum flavour.

California Roll: This is a popular sushi roll which is easy on the tastebuds especially for the newbie! It is usually made with crab meat, cucumber and avocado and rolled inside nori (dried seaweed) and sushi rice.

Salmon Skin Roll: The skin of salmon is fried or grilled and rolled in sushi rice and nori.

Rainbow Roll: This is essentially a California roll, which is then covered with fish, such as yuna, yellowtail, salmon, red snapper etc, giving it a colourful ‘rainbow’ like appearance.

Amaebi: Shrimp served with the tail on as a topping on sushi rice.

Avocado Roll: This is simply avocado rolled inside sushi rice and nori. Cucumber may or may not be added in the middle.

Kappamaki: This is a cucumber roll. The cucumber is wrapped in sushi rice and then a layer of nori.

Sashimi: This is any kind of fish, such as salmon or tuna which is served without the sushi rice.

Our Favourite Cyprus Japanese Restaurants

Hokkaido (Ayia Napa): This is a typical teppanyaki restaurant where the chef will make your dinner in front of you and is as much a showman as a cook! The knife skills of the chefs will make your jaw drop and don’t be scared when they set the table on fire!

We have come here quite a few times and have always booked in advance to make sure we get a seat at the chef’s table. We would definitely recommend doing this, as Hokkaido is about the experience as well as the food.

The place offers both sushi and hot Japanese food, and if you are new to this we would recommend starting with the mixed sushi plate which offers a bit of everything. There is another restaurant in Ayia Napa called Sappora which is owned by the same people but we haven’t been there yet.

Koi (Paphos): Koi is located in Poseidon Avenue and offers a fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisine. There is a very big menu to choose from, and everything we have tried here is fantastic. The place looks good inside and out, and the food definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Zen Room (Limassol): This is a really stunningly decorated restaurant with a very modern interior and we enjoyed ourselves here a lot. The vegetable tempura was very good.

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